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Whether you are looking to get new siding for your home or looking to repair siding damaged by hail, high winds, or other natural calamities please call our professionals at Exterior Design Inc. at 703-717-1485. We offer Free Inspections and work closely with your insurance company to limit your cost to the amount of your deductible.


If you are simply looking to replace old siding with new, please allow one of our professionals to discuss our competitive pricing. Please note, however, that Exterior Design Inc. will not sacrifice quality just to get a job done quickly and inexpensively.


Storm Damage:


Storm-damaged siding can create serious problems over time if not properly repaired. Hail and high winds can cause pieces of siding to fall off and whether they are large pieces or small they open the door to serious damage over time. As water gets trapped behind the siding it provides a perfect growing environment for mold. The moisture can also cause caulking seams to separate and result in swelling and buckling of material, which allows even more moisture to seep in creating a never-ending downward spiral in the appearance and value of your home.


With choosing siding, there are many factors to consider:


• Durability

• Water Resistance

• Energy Efficiency

• Adaptability

• Aesthetics


Different climates pose unique challenges to siding and Exterior Design Inc. will help select the right materials and styles to suit the unique needs of your property and also your unique personal tastes.


In the end, you want siding that provides optimal protection for your home’s structure and value, and that provides a look about which you can be proud.


Specific siding choices can include vinyl, aluminum, steel, fiber cement, cultured stone, black veneer and more, with each choice offering unique benefits.


Vinyl Siding: the benefits of vinyl are many and include affordability, versatility, with literally hundreds of colors from which to choose.  Vinyl also offers the advantage of easy care and maintenance, requiring only an occasional wash. Customers can choose between 4” or 5” Dutch lap siding.


Fiber Cement Siding: gives the homeowner a variety of choices that resemble wood and provides durability, termite-resistance, and water-resistance, and a fifty-year guarantee.  Like aluminum, fiber cement siding is non-flammable. Because of the cement, sand, and cellulose fiber composition, this choice has a high insulation value.


Stone Veneers and Fabricated Stone Siding: typically integrates the use of real stones to create an aesthetically pleasing result. There is a wide variety of choices as to color and shape, including mortar, and also offers a dry-stack option. In addition to its attractiveness, stone veneers and siding are known for their durability.


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